Arizona Tax Credit

Give A little, And Receive It All Back!
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It Won’t Cost You A Single Penny To Save/Change A Life

Everybody by law is required to pay Arizona state taxes. Would you rather pay money to the state OR help:

  • Individuals Suffering From A Chronic Illness (Ex: Cancer)
  • Women & Men That Are Victims Of Sexual Violence (Ex: Rape)
  • Indivuduals Who Can’t Afford Their Hospital Bill Or Medication (Ex: Insulin)
  • Individuals That Need Mental Health Treatment Who Can’t Afford It
  • Foster Children In Need
  • Homeless Indivuduals In Need

You do have a choice to redirect what you owe on your state taxes to help change a life. As a certified Qualified Charitable Organization with the Arizona Department Of Revenue, you will receive a tax credit: a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the state income tax you owe – up to $947 for individuals and $1892 for those filing jointly.

A tax credit reduces the amount you owe on your taxes. For example: If you owe $300 to the state and make a $100 donation to Urban AZ, you will now owe $200 on your state taxes, therefore redirecting $100 of your tax dollars to a more meaningful cause.

Learn More About Qualified Chariable Organizations HERE

Estimate What You Will Owe On Your State Taxes HERE

Tax Deduction Vs Tax Credit

A tax deduction reduces how much of your income is subject to taxes while a tax credit directly reduces the amount of taxes you owe, giving you a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability. Check out the chart below. Which would you rather have?

Scenarios: A: $10,000 Tax Deduction B: $10,000 Tax Credit
Income: $100,000 $100,000
Tax Deduction: ($10,000) n/a
Taxable Income: $90,000 $100,000
Tax Rate: 25% 25%
Taxed Owed: $22,500 $25,000
Tax Credit: n/a ($10,000)
Final Tax Bill: $22,500 $15,000


We’re assuming you would pick scenario B.

Estimate What You Will Owe On Your State Taxes HERE

Real Time Examples

For our examples, we will be using the Arizona income tax rate of 2.5% which the standard deduction of $13,850

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Adjusted Gross Income Claimed (Year): $18,650 $23,450 $28,250
State Tax Owed: $120 $240 $360
Donating $120 would reduce to your state tax liability to $0 Donating $240 would reduce to your state tax liability to $0 Donating $360 would reduce to your state tax liability to $0


How To Claim The Tax Credit

Step 1a: Estimate your state tax liability HERE or prepare your state tax return without filing it to find out what you owe. Once you know your liability, you will know how much you can redirect.

Step 1b: If you already made a donation, skip to step 4. You can view your past donations and annual reciept HERE

Step 2: Donate the maximum contribution for your filing status or your total liability, whichever is less HERE

Step 3: You will recieve a donation reciept via email.

Step 4a – If you are filing your tax return yourself (Turbo Tax, HR Block, Etc.): When you get to the state return section, you should be asked if you donated to a Qualfied Charitable Organization. Enter the amount and use AZ QCO code: 22476 AND/OR 11079 (Depending on your donation designation)

Step 4b – If you are filing your tax return with a tax preparer: Give your tax preparer your donation reciept with the AZ QCO Code: 22476 AND/OR 11079 (Depending on your donation designation)

Please consult your tax advisor for specific questions related to your taxes. You will have until the day you file, no later than April 18th to redirect your state tax liability.


How does the tax credit work?

Here are some general guidelines for using the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Please consult your tax advisor for advice on your specific tax situation.

  • The gift must be made by an individual (corporations, foundations, partnerships, etc. do not qualify).
  • The gift must be made in cash (in-kind donations such as toys, books and services do not qualify).
  • The maximum QCO credit allowed for single taxpayers or heads of households is $421. For joint taxpayers, the maximum credit is $841.
  • The maximum QFCO credit allowed for single taxpayers or heads of households is $526. For joint taxpayers, the maximum credit is $1051.
How Does Urban Arizona Prevent Tax Credit Fraud?

Urban Arizona recieves a list of all individuals who used are QCO tax credit with the amount claimed the week ending on April 21st. Individuals who committed fraud will owe the tax credit back plus a penalty fee with the state.

Im a W-2 Employee, Have My Taxes Withheld and I Get A Refund. Can I Still Use The Tax Credit?

The purpose of withholding tax is to ensure that you comfortably pay whatever income tax you owe. If you receive a refund, that is because the amount you withheld was greater than the amount you owed. Donating for our tax credit will still decrease what you owe on your state taxes and increase your refund.

For example: If you owe $400 in state taxes,  make a $400 donation and withheld $800 for state taxes, you will recieve a $800 refund since your tax liability is now $0 with the $400 donation.

How do I verify Urban Arizona qualifies for the tax credit?

Visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website to see if an organization qualifies as a charity.

Is there a minimum dollar donation requirement for the tax credit?

Short answer: No there is not a minimum. Therefore, if you donate $1, you will receive a $1 tax credit. 

Does the Charitable Tax Credit also apply to my federal income tax returns?

The Charitable Tax Credit only applies on your Arizona State income tax. However, you may be able to claim a federal tax deduction for the amount donated.

I currently use the Public Education Tax Credit. Can I use the Charitable Tax Credit as well?

Yes, these two tax credits are independent. You can therefore take advantage of both the Public Education Tax Credit and the Charitable Tax Credit on the same tax return. You 

How does Urban Arizona use Charitable Tax Credit dollars?

100% goes directly to supporting the cause of your choice when you make a donation!