Community Assistance & Resource Empowerment Program

Providing Aid To Individuals In Need
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Building A Healthier And Stronger Community In Arizona

The CARE program was founded with an unwavering mission to provide holistic and comprehensive support to individuals grappling with a wide array of financial challenges and constraints. Our foremost objective is to ensure that every community member has access to the essential assistance and resources they need to address their immediate concerns and build a better future.

We are primarily providing:

Cancer Financial Assistance

We provide financial aid to individuals suffering from a cancer.

Mental Health Therapy Assistance

We provide financial aid to individuals that can’t afford mental health therapy.

Supplies For The Homeless

We provide supplies to homeless individuals across the valley.

Grocery Store And Gas Cards

We provide gas & grocery cards to low-income indivudualsĀ 

At the heart of the CARE program is a dedication to making a profound and lasting impact, one individual at a time. We are resolute in our commitment to ensure that help is always accessible, hope is continually renewed, and that together, we are building a stronger, more supportive community for all.