About Urban Arizona

Making A Difference In The Arizona Community
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Urban Arizona is a grassroots philanthropic and media collective dedicated to enriching the Arizona community through philanthropy and media. It oversees The Urban AZ Foundation and UAZ Children’s Foundation, both registered as 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

Urban AZ Foundation is 1 of the 5% of the non-profit organization that is classified as a Qualified Charitable Organization by the Arizona Government. UAZF focuses primarily on low-income and individuals with a chronic illness (i.e. cancer). 

UAZ Children’s Foundation is one of the 0.04% of charities in Arizona that is classified as a a Qualified Foster Care Organization by the Arizona Government. UAZCF focuses primarily on providing services to individuals that are 17 and younger. 

Being a QCO & QFCO enables Urban Arizona to give donors in Arizona a refund of their donation in the form of a tax credit of up to $1,057 total for single individuals and $2,111 for married couples. 

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In the year 2000, the original Urban AZ was established and organized over 200 events in the Phoenix area. Notable past events produced by Urban AZ featured artists such as New Edition, Keyshia Cole, 112, Ne-Yo, Daniel Caesar, Khalid, Migos, Future, Rae Sremmurd, Kehlani, Trey Songz, H.E.R, and George Lopez, among others.

In response to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Urban AZ felt a strong desire to give back to the community and provide assistance to those in need. This led to the creation of The Urban AZ Foundation and UAZ Children’s Foundation in 2023, adopting the name Urban Arizona to distinguish itself from being solely recognized as an entertainment company.

Our Core Values


Urban AZ will be truthful and have clear communications with donors about how their contributions have and will be used.


We’re not perfect, and unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable. However, with every obstacle we encounter, we will learn and overcome them.


Urban AZ demonstrates genuine intent, care and concern for others and our community.


We create a friendly environment that embraces the differences and offers respect for everybody.