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We understand that most individual do not like a large sum of money leaving their bank account, so thats why we’ve created The Gold Club. As a member, not only will you be making a big impact in the Arizona community, you will also have access to many exclusive benefits!

As a member, you:

Receive 100% Of Your Donation Back*

Arizona tax payers will receive an Arizona state tax credit to use on their tax returns. If you owe $130 or more in state taxes, it won’t cost you a single penny to join. Learn more about QCO Tax Credit HERE

Choose How Your Donation Is Used

As a donor, you get to tell us how you would like your recurring donation to be used to help the community of Arizona.

Receive Exclusive Bi-Weekly Emails

Members will receive bi-weekly emails that include updates on our organization.

Receive Exclusive Deals & Discounts

Gold Club members will receive deals and discounts via email.

The Gold Club starts at $2.50 a week (or $10 a month / $120 a year) plus a small transaction fee to ensure 100% of your donation reaches the cause of your choice.

Gold Club FAQS

Why Won't It Cost Me A Single Penny To Donate?

Urban AZ is 1 of the 5% of non-profits in Arizona that is a Qualified Charitable Organization by the Arizona Department Of Revenue, meaning that for every dollar an individual donates, they will receive a dollar for dollar state tax credit up to $400. You can learn more about the tax credit HERE

How Is My Recurring Donation Used?

You get to tell us how you would like your recurring donation is used when you sign up! Urban AZ is gearing up to to start giving back to the community starting December.

Demographics Urban AZ is helping starting December

  • Children with cancer
  • Women and men that are victims of sexual/domestic abuse & rape
  • Individuals who can’t afford their life saving procedure/medication or hospital bill
  • Indivuduals that need mental health treatment who can’t afford it
  • Foster children in need
  • Homeless individuals in need

We are currently working on creating a detailed list of how the funds will be specifically used for each cause. If you have any questions of how, please email: [email protected] and we will get back to you. Members will receieve an email with a detailed list ASAP

Can I Cancel My Recurring Donation?

Yes you can cancel at anytime by logging into your donor dashboard HERE

Who Do I Contact With Any Questions Or Concerns?

Please email: [email protected]

Thank You For Being Apart Of The Gold Club And Making A Differnece In The Arizona Community


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