Our Mission

How We Plan To Shape The Future Of Our Community

Our mission is to motivate and empower Arizona taxpayers to redirect their tax withholdings or tax liability to Urban Arizona, allowing us to allocate these funds to assist diverse groups and individuals facing various challenges. Our primary beneficiaries include cancer patients, who often grapple with both health-related difficulties and financial struggles, low-income families striving to make ends meet, foster children in search of stable and nurturing environments, the homeless population in desperate need of aid, and numerous other diverse demographic groups requiring assistance in various forms.

Urban Arizona offers Arizona taxpayers a tax credit of up to $947 for their donations. For instance, if a donor owes $500 in state taxes and contributes $300 to Urban Arizona, their tax liability is reduced to $200, redirecting $300 of their tax dollars.

Consider this: You are legally obligated to pay state taxes. Would you prefer your money to go to the government or directly to individuals in need, such as cancer patients?

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Our Research

Based on data from the Arizona Department of Revenue’s annual report, we’ve observed a remarkable opportunity to make a substantial difference in our community. In the most recent year, a total of 3.9 million individuals in Arizona filed their tax returns. Astonishingly, only a mere 4% of those individuals took advantage of the Qualified Charitable Organization & Foster case Organization tax credit.

This reveals an extraordinary potential to mobilize resources for the betterment of our state. In theory, there is over 1 billion dollars that could be harnessed to support the various populations in Arizona who are in dire need of assistance. What makes this opportunity even more exceptional is that participating in this initiative doesn’t cost these individuals a single penny. It’s a chance to contribute to our community’s well-being without any financial burden.