Raising Over $4,000 For Teyana To Help Support Her Battle With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

In the 2022 Christmas season, Urban AZ successfully raised just over $4,000 to support Teyana, a mother of two children. Additionally, we established investment accounts for her two children’s future financial security

Assisting Over 300 Low-Income Individuals 

Over the past couple of years, Urban AZ has been dedicated to acts of spontaneous generosity, reaching out to low-income individuals with an array of support initiatives. These efforts have included distributing free bicycles, providing gas cards, offering grocery gift cards, and much more, all aimed at uplifting and enhancing the lives of those in need.

Assist 50 Foster Children

During Christmas of 2021, Urban AZ demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact by presenting more than 50 foster children with personalized duffle bags. These duffle bags bore the child’s name, and within them, we thoughtfully included brand-new shoes, clothing, toys, and various essentials, spreading joy and hope to those in foster care.

Providing 20 Individuals 1 Free Month Of Therapy 

Urban AZ was able to provide 20 individuals suffering from mental health complications 1 free month of therapy.