How Urban AZ Is Helping The Community

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Full transparency is required to show donors exactly how their donations are allocated. Urban AZ is currently providing homeless individuals care packages, bikes, and much more. Urban AZ is providing individuals with gas credit, and grocery cards via The Community Action Program

Starting December, Urban AZ will expand in helping all the demographics below: 

Individuals Suffering From A Chronic Illness (Ex: Cancer)

While there are many amazing charities and hospitals raising money for research, we want to help these individuals now, as a cure may come too late for them, potentially saving a life. Urban AZ will help cover the cost of their hospice care, treatment, as well as provide care packages.

Women & Men That Are Victims Of Sexual Violcence (Ex: Rape)

The most important thing for any victim of sexual violence is to get justice, feel safe, and comfortable during the healing process. Every case will be different – Urban AZ will provide funding for a temporary place to stay, rape kits, attorneys, and whatever necessary to help each victim.

Individuals Who Can’t Afford Their Life Saving Medication OR Hospital Bill (Ex: Insulin)

Individuals could get denied medication or treatment if they can’t afford it, which could result in death. Urban AZ will help cover the cost of their medication and/or hospital bill.

Funding Mental Health Treatment For Individuals Who Can’t Afford It:

We want to help individuals suffering from a mental illness now, as research may come too late for them, potentially preventing suicides. Urban AZ will help cover the cost of psychotherapy for 1-2 months for those individuals.

Foster Children

Children in the foster care system are often provided used clothing, used toys, used backpacks and personal items without anything to truly call their own. Urban AZ will provide these kids with NEW items to create a much-needed sense of comfort and pride in ownership.

Homeless Individuals:

Urban AZ will create and provide care packages to homeless individuals that include bikes, toiletry items, sunscreen, food, water, cash and more.